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-R1 series servo

R1 series servo

Input power voltage: Single phase 220, three phase 220, three phase 380

Control mode : Pulse type, EtherCAT bus type

Encoder protocol: Serial Communication Protocol (17Bit)

Rated power: 100W~7500W


Input power supply voltage A: Single phase AC200V-240V, -10~10%, 50/60Hz; C: Three phase AC200V-240V, -10~10%, 50/60Hz; T: Three phase AC380V-440V, -10~10%, 50/60Hz
Continuous output current (Arms) 1.1A~26.0A
Maximum output current (Arms) 3.9A~65.0A
Rated power (W) 100W~7500W
Control mode P: Pulse type; N: EtherCAT bus type
Encoder Protocol Serial Communication Protocol (17Bit)
Encoder frequency output Available
Encoder Z-phase pulse OC output Available
Analog input resolution 12-bit
Communication methods P-pulse type: RS485 communication and USB communication; N-line type: USB communication
DI/DO signal P-pulse type: 8DI/5DO; N-pulse type: 5DI/4DO
High pulse input P-pulse support
Motor temperature protection NA
DC24V power supply Available
Installation dimensions SIZE-A ~SIZE-E
Installation method Standard base mounting
Operating Temperature 0~50°C
Storage Temperature 20~85°C
Environmental Humidity Maximum 95% relative humidity (non freezing or condensing)
Storage humidity Maximum 95% relative humidity (non freezing or condensing)
Vibration resistance strength 4.9 m/s2
Impact strength 19.6 m/s2
Protection Level IP20
Pollution level 2. No corrosive or flammable gases; Waterless, oil or chemical reagent splashing; No dust, salt or metal powder
Altitude Below 1000 meters
Others Do not apply servo drives to situations such as static electric field noise, strong electromagnetic/magnetic fields, and radiation fields
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